2. About Your Keyboard

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2.1 Compatible keycaps

Compatible keycap profiles (keycap shapes): DSA, XDA, SA Row 3 and MA. The keyboard comes with DSA keycaps.

Keycaps that are 1u in size will fit every key on every keyboard.

There is the option to use 1.5u sized keycaps for the 6-keyed thumb cluster, which is able to fit two 1.5u keys on each side of the keyboard. The 3-keyed thumb cluster is also able to fit three 1.5u keys on each side. The 5-keyed thumb cluster does not fit any 1.5u keys.

2.2 Compatible keyswitches for hotswapping

The keyboard is best used with 5 legged switches (Figure 2.1) although 3 legged switches should still work, it's not officially supported. It is compatible with MX Cherry switches, Gateron switches, Holy Panda switches and other similar MX style switches.

Not compatible with Kailh switches and low profile switches.

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