12. Hardware Issues Tracking

If you have any hardware issues with your new keyboard, please email david@taikohub.com. Please email even if you fixed the issue, so that we can keep track of it.

PCB is Lifted Away from Keyboard

Incidences: 1 report of this issue as of Sep-11-2022.

Description: You plug in your new keyboard and find many keys do not work. You open up the keyboard with a 3mm allen key and find the PCB lifted. It's lifted enough that you see Kailh sockets do not come in contact with the switches at all.

Repair: Gently put one finger on the Kailh socket on the inside of the keyboard while you push the keyswitch into the keyboard on the other side. There's no need to push very hard with your other finger.

Reporting: Please report to david@taikohub.com or on the website chat widget. Thank you.

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